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Jan 042012

So I’ve been neglecting this website recently, and I decided to start doing some cleanup. The first thing I am doing is cleaning up the lifestream feed. Most of my post are now on Google+. Which if you have done any research on it at all, you will see that it has no rss feed. Since the lifestream plugin I use is meant to be fed by RSS feeds, that as a problem. So I did a little digging and found a nice little PHP parsing script that will take my posts and format them into an RSS feed. You can download it here The author did a very nice job with it and it is pretty simple to use and set up.

I still have more changes I want to make to spruce up this site, but those will have to wait for another day.


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Jan 082009

Ok, I just added a new plugin to my page called LifeStream.
It’s basically a way to build yourself a kind of current events wall of all your activities on the web. Since most social networking sites these days provide an RSS feed, this plugin compiles all the RSS feeds you give it and provides a chronological timeline of what is happening.
If you use facebook at all, you will probably be right at home with it because its basically a personal updates wall.

So check it out if you get the chance. My LifeStream